April 20, 2024

Multiphase Digital, known as Asia’s top PR firm, and Aflence, a new media platform founded by entrepreneur Anuj Tripathi in 2021, are teaming up to reshape Asia’s media. This collaboration is a big step for both companies, promising to change how information is shared and views are shaped across the continent.

The Companies Behind the Partnership:

Multiphase Digital, led by Mehul Purohit & Devendra Purohit along with VP Sameer Satyarth, is known for its innovative PR work. It’s considered the best in Asia for public relations.

Aflence, founded by entrepreneur Anuj Tripathi, Prabal Tripathi, Nikhil Soni entered the scene in 2021 with a goal to change how media works. Aflence has been noticed for its new ways of telling stories and supporting diverse voices online.

A Mix of Expertise and Vision:

The partnership between Multiphase Digital and Aflence brings together their skills, ideas, and resources to change how media works in Asia. By using Multiphase Digital’s PR skills with Aflence’s digital platform, they hope to tell stories better, boost brands, and engage audiences more.

Collaborating for Impact:

This partnership isn’t just about joining two companies but about working together for a common goal. They want to use storytelling to make positive changes, give more attention to voices that aren’t usually heard, and talk about important issues.

Looking Forward:

Multiphase Digital and Aflence are starting something big together. They’re committed to being innovative, real, and making a difference. They’re ready to change how Asia’s media works, influencing how people think, talk, and act.


The partnership between Multiphase Digital and Aflence is a big deal for Asia’s media. By working together, these two companies are set to bring new ideas, creativity, and impact, setting a high standard for storytelling and boosting brands. As they move forward, people are excited to see what this partnership will achieve.

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